1x1: Chapter 1

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The President does not accomplish the people's expectation. When he refuses to promote Frank to Secretary of State, Frank and his wife will stretch the limits of politics and ethics


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House of Cards begins with this episode called Chapter 1. We’ll meet Frank Underwood, a politician for the Democrat Party, preparing to attend the celebration of his Party because of the recent victory at the National Elections. Soonly, we get acknowledged of Underwood’s merit for the Republican Party to be defeated, with the obvious expectation for the President’s cabinet to be announced.

In the meantime, a Washington Herald’s reporter called Zoe Barnes efforts to get her editors’ attention, Tom Hammerschmidt and Lucas Goodwin. These men share the same opinion about Barnes: she isn’t a relevant voice for the audience, and her ideas doesn’t have the weight to be in the spaces she’s up to.

Everything will drastically change after the President informs Underwood about his final decision: the Secretary of State will be assigned to another person.

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