1x11: Chapter 11

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Frank has to take a tough decision and Claire meets again with an old friend. Meanwhile, Peter struggles with dealing with his past


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This is one of the most important episodes of the season, as we see Frank doing everything he can in order to achieve more power. After saying goodbye to Zoe, he talks to the camera to thank the fact of not having to hurt her, making a parallelism between the reporter and the dogs, reminding us the start of the season.

On the other hand, Pete Russo is falling apart, and after getting severely drunk he drives down to his ex-wife house to talk to his children. Later, Frank and Doug pick him up from the police station and drive him back to his house. Once at the garage, Frank convinces Russo to drink until he faints, so Underwood cleans all the fingerprints, turns on the engine and closes Pete down.

Next day, Underwood meets the President to discuss the idea of a better candidate than Russo. In the middle of the meeting, the politicians are told that Russo was found dead in his garage, in an evident suicide.

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