1x13: Chapter 13

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Frank finally understands Zoe will come up as a problem. Claire is afraid of her own past, as it can stop her from progress in politics


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Chapter 13 is the last episode of the season, showing us a meeting between Underwood and Remy Danton, man of SanCorp., a natural gas company. The counterpoint beween these two man is based on the ideas of President Walker to assign an specialist in nuclear energy as Vicepresident. Both of they know this must not be done.

On the other hand, at the Herald, Skorsky works with Zoe Barnes in an investigation about the death of candidate Russo, that leads them to review the archive of January, where Russo went to the police station after drinking and driving. Zoe is sure that Frank should have more information. Later, Lucas Goodwin will arrive at Zoe's apartment feeling paranoid, revealing that a prostitute could be the key of the case.

Zoe will leak information about the President's agenda, revealing the meetings with potential Vicepresident candidates. Frank will be pissed of by this behavior, and starts to think the risks of playing with Barnes and the media.

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