2x13: Chapter 26

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Season finale! No spoilers or any comments. We sincerely hope you enjoy this excellent episode!


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Season Two is about to end, just like Garrett Walker's career after his link with chinese businessmen is revealed. In the meantime, Frank deepens his pantomime as he declares on TV that he serves his country and not his personal interests, while he's aware of Walker's movements. On the other hand, Claire is notified about Megan's suicide attempt, so she decides to visit her. Later, she chats on the phone with Tricia Walker about the presidential couple's present. Moreover, Orsay and Stamper meet at a coffee shop to discuss Rachel Posner. Orsay doesn't want to blackmail Doug, but to get his protection. Finally, Walker decides to step out voluntarily from the charge and Underwood becomes the new President of the U.S.
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