3x1: Chapter 27

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A tough start for a new period of Frank Underwood's career. Meanwhile, Claire wants to get something she doesn't have.


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The third season of House of Cards starts with this episode called Chapter 27. If you thought that the series' dynamic could change after Frank sits in The Chair, the first minutes of the episode will clear all your doubts. We'll see Frank visiting his father's grave and talking to the gravestone. Has Frank changed? Not at all, after we find out that the visit was a play and he ends by pissing over the tombstone. Underwood's present is hot, as his public acceptance is dangerously low, considering that the next elections are coming. In the meantime, Doug is alive in spite of the great hit given by Rachel Posner, but he must face a severe recovery, marked by his desperation to not leave the Underwood's power circle. His addict's past hits again as he must take painkillers and ends up drinking again. Frank's next challenge will be getting his project "America Works" approved, needing to convice the Congress to vote its huge budget.
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