3x13: Chapter 39

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This is the last episode of House of Cards third season. No spoilers nor comments, please!


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Season Three ends giving us one of the most intense finales of the series. We'll point out the highlights of this great episode of House of Cards. At the beginning, we'll see Rachel Posner's new life, working at multiple jobs under a fake identity. However, Doug never stops and meets Gavin in Caracas, realising the town where Rachel's hiding. Stamper runs after Rachel and after solving an internal dilemma, kills and buries her.

On the other hand, Francis and Claire travel to Iowa in the middle of the campaign. After having an argument, Claire decides to return to Washington, while Frank's busy with the local elections. Claire's evasive with Frank, and after they rejoin, she shares her opinion that Frank's career is draining her own possibilities. Finally, Claire decides to abandon Frank.

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