4x1: Chapter 40

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This friday is the season premiere of House of Cards! We'll see Frank, Claire and the others once again.


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Chapter 40 sets the start of the fourth season of House of Cards. In this chapter two plotlines will be developed: Lucas Goodwin's and the conflict between Claire and Frank. In the first place, Lucas' in prison and we'll see some moments of his daily activities. However, after a conversation with his cellmate that's listened and recorded by a FBI agent, Lucas is released and put under witness protection.

On the other hand, Claire flies to Texas to visit her mother, and Frank desperates because of not having his wife's presence during his closing speech in New Hampshire. After Frank returns to Washington, tries to minimize the media resonance of the Presidential Couple's break up, and asks Claire to explain his trip as a visit to her sick mother.

Besides, we'll see the first attempts of Claire of entering the Congress by the hand of Doris Jones, a congresswoman who's about to retire. Finally, Underwood losses the elections of New Hampshire to Dunbar, as a new republican candidate named Conway is gaining recognition.

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